Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The "Ernie Hunt" Martini and other discoveries

The just-retired Rector has left most his books here; I'm going through them, keeping what I want, putting significant items in the parish library, and putting  the rest on tables in the back of the church. Epiphany has been transformed into an outpost of The Strand for a while, with miles upon miles of mostly theological books free for the taking. 
I am now a huge advocate for e-books.  This explains why most parish libraries are about 44 years out of date, and makes me realize that my love of books is going to end up someday, like Andrew, adding to a huge recycling pile.

But there are treasures--a 19th Century folio of Shakespeare's works; old Prayer Books; biblical commentaries...

...and the Epiphany Family Cookbook.  I'm a big fan of parish cookbooks because they're always full of recipes with bacon and cream and canned goods--things I would never cook without a history lesson to guide me. 

No one bothered to put a date on the cookbook--no doubt, everyone who got one knew when it was published, so why waste the ink? (The same people who carefully labeled the photos of retired rectors except for the 2nd and 3rd most recent--everyone knows who they are, so why give them a name?) It was sometime durign the tenure of Ernie Hunt as rector, though, because he is the one man to have a receipe in the book. Page one, under "Appetizers and salads," the Ernie Hunt martini. (Do the olives make it a salad, or is it an appetizer?)

And it's weird.

Two jiggers of vodka.
1/2 ounce gin.
Drop or two of Dry Vermouth.
Lots of ice. 
Shake.  Do not stir. Add lemon peel or three olives.

A martini with vodka AND gin?  Heresy.  I know Dean Hunt--he preached here just two weeks ago--and I would never have thought it of him.  But I'm a little curious. Some evening, when I have no where to be the next morning, I may test this out.  An innovation from the 1980s Episcopal Church--the era when Epiphany had its first woman priest.  It's just research, after all!

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